Resources from the Business Network

While each of the coordinating partners creates resources relevant to the Business Network (see below), there are two major reports we have jointly produced In response to requests by Business Network members, and that are relevant for every company anywhere.

First, produced the landmark report Shared space under pressure – Business support for civic freedoms and human rights defenders, co-authored by Bennett Freeman, a leading expert in the field of business and human rights. This report sheds light on the normative framework, the business case and the moral choice for businesses to act when shared civil society space is under pressure, threat or attack. It is based on 90 interviews with business leaders, UN and civil society experts and human rights defenders, many of whom are engaged in the Business Network. 

We also produced The Business Case for Protecting Civic Rights, with research by V-Dem, the Varieties of Democracy Institute. This report provided a strong business case for defending civic space, as it looked at the economic impact of support for civic freedoms over time and across geographies. V-Dems extensive data enabled us to demonstrate a long-term positive relationship between stronger civic space and economic growth — meaning it is in business’s interest to support civic rights.

Guides and Toolkits:

For further resources on business, human rights defenders & civic freedoms, please see the extensive offerings of the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, here.